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8 Ways To Know You’re a Travel Foodie

Let’s be honest here. Food is the absolute best part about traveling the world. You can learn so much about a country just from eating its food! Being a travel foodie is fun, but it can also be a hard life. Here are 8 ways to know if you’re a travel foodie. 

1. You have countries you want to visit just to try the food

Pizza cone

Anthony Bourdain is your spirit animal and you’ve created an entire travel wish list based around his food recommendations. You have pinterest boards full of food travel guides, and when it comes time to pick a trip, you’re typical line is “oooh, I’ve been daydreaming about eating this for years. Let’s go here!”. Luckily you picked a spouse that would never dream of telling you that that’s a silly reason to book a plane ticket. 

2. You pack an extra bag so that you have room to bring home snack souvenirs

suitcase full of cheese
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You specifically pack an extra bag so that you can have enough room to bring home all of those yummy snacks you tried. You come home filled to the brim with Belgian chocolates, Mexican takis, or 25 flavors of Japanese Kit Kats. 

3. Your travel day wasn’t a success if you weren’t blown away by all 3 meals

banquet table
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You only have 3 meals a day during your trip, and if you waste one of those meals on something not yummy, you are inconsolable. Ain’t nobody got time for icky food! We’re trying to experience culture over here, people! 

4. You know every meal you’re going to eat at every restaurant 3 weeks before you even leave for the airport

Italian Menu

You spend all of the nights leading up to your trip plopped in front of your computer, scrolling through food recommendations. Once you’ve finally narrowed down the places you’re going to eat at, you have to choose what dishes you’re going to try!

You may be throwing things in your suitcase 2 minutes before walking out the door, but you’ve had your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks planned out for months. And when you finally sit down at the table… psh, who needs a menu?!

5. You take a cooking class or food tour everywhere you visit 

travel foodie eating camel

The best part about traveling for you is trying every local dish you can find. What better way to do that than to pack in 6 tasting in 2 and a half hours? Bonus points if there are drink tastings served alongside your samplings. Extra bonus points if you can find the room in your stomach to still go out for dinner afterwards. 

6. You know the holes in the walls are always the places with the most potential 

Dive Restaurant
Guest Lindau Restaurant Inn Autumn Gastronomy

You know that the places with menus written on the walls, where not a single person speaks English, where you pay $3 for a 3 course meal…. Oh my gosh, those places are the absolute best. You wouldn’t dream of visiting a chain restaurant while traveling (or while at home for that matter). And you can identify what is going to be the very best meal of the trip just by walking by and saying “looks unimpressive… it probably rocks.”

7. You won’t wait 20 minutes to get into a club, but you’ll wait 2 hours in line for the city’s next hot restaurant

people waiting in line at restaurant
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Unless, of course, the club is known for its one-of-a-kind new drink. Then you’ll wait 2 hours in line for that, too. 

8. You’ve eaten one magic dish one time on one vacation 10 years ago and haven’t stopped thinking about it since

travel foodie eating waffle in belgium

You’ve tried so many times to recreate it at home or find something similar in your home country, but nothing will ever compare. Maybe one day you’ll get to go back and eat it again. *sigh*

Which numbers sound like you? What did I miss?! Leave a comment telling me how YOU know you’re a travel foodie. 

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