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20 Rice Recipes to Make with The Rice in Your Pantry

During my time food blogging in the last 5 years, I have eaten a LOT of rice recipes. I’ve pretty come up with every way you can think of to make rice… 20 so far to be exact! I have quite a few bags of rice in my pantry from my time cooking, and I’ve been looking for ways to use them up. 

What better way to do that than compile a list of the Rice Recipes I’ve made over the past two years ago and work my way through them again? I thought you might want to see what I’ve come up with, so I’m going to pass them on to you as well. Enjoy making these rice recipes at home! And if you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments below 🙂 

How to Cook White Rice in an Instant Pot 

Long grain white rice in green bowl

This post is all about how to cook White Rice in the Instant Pot (or any other electric pressure cooker). You can use this simple trick to decrease the time it takes to make dinner or meal prep for the future. You’re going to love it! 

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Arancini Recipe (Fried Rice Ball Stuffed with Cheese) 

Arancini ball with tomato sauce

This arancini recipe shows you how to make the perfect Sicilian street food. Day-old risotto is formed into a ball, stuffed with cheese, fried, and then topped with marinara sauce. This is one of my favorite rice recipes, and it is nothing short of perfection.

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Rice Porridge Recipe

Rice porridge with brown sugar and bananas

This recipe for rice porridge is a common breakfast in the country of Chad. Making it reminds me of making oatmeal for breakfast, but instead of oats, white rice is used! I top my rice porridge with peanut butter, bananas, and brown sugar.

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Chicken and Rice Soup Recipe

Chicken and rice soup with vegetables in the background

In Cabo Verde there is a very popular soup called Canja de Galinha. This soup is perfectly comparable to chicken and rice soup, and is a new favorite in my kitchen. This chicken and rice soup recipe is delicious, and very low maintenance. It is brothy and flavorful, and the chicken cooks so wonderfully! 

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Tuna and Rice Recipe

Hands holding bowl of tuna and rice

This Tuna with Rice recipe, also known as Arroz con Atum, comes from the nation of Cabo Verde. Cachupa is the most popular dish in Cabo Verde, but this Tuna with Rice dish is a close second. The rice is so flavorful and delicious, and the tuna steak is a perfect form of protein in this meal! Keep reading for the recipe.

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Fat Rice (Chicken and Tomato Rice) 

Rice in tomato sauce

Fat Rice from Burkina Faso is an incredibly easy rice dish! To make the fat rice, combine tomatoes, onions, and (if you’re brave enough) habanero peppers in a blender and use this as the basis for your rice. This tastes great with chicken thighs!

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Mango with Sticky Rice

Mango and sticky rice

Mango with Sticky Rice is a famous dessert in Southeast Asia. To make this classic Brunei dish, combine white rice with coconut milk and sugar to turn that savory rice into a delicious dessert! Add some sweet, delicious mango on top and you will have one happy tummy. 

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Red Beans and Coconut Rice

Coconut rice and beans with a striped towel

Red Beans and Coconut Rice from Belize is a great way to change up your rice and beans recipe! The rice is cooked with coconut milk to give the dish a rich, coconutty flavor.

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Muhammar (Sweet Rice) 

Muhammar rice with rose petals

Muhammar is a popular Bahraini dish made with sugar, honey, rose water, and cardamom. It is very sweet and pairs well as a side with fish or can even be enjoyed eaten alone.

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Pigeon Peas and Rice

Pigeon Peas and rice in a serving platter.

This Pigeon Peas and Rice recipe from The Bahamas is a country staple and delicious one-pot wonder. Bacon fries in a pan and then cooks alongside rice and peas to make a savory, comforting side dish or main meal!

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Rice with Vermicelli 

Vermicelli Rice in a bowl.

This Armenian Rice with Vermicelli (Shehrehi Yeghintz) can be thrown together with ingredients that I almost guarantee are already in your pantry. Rice and noodles are browned in butter then covered in chicken stock and left to simmer for 15 minutes. A taste of Armenia has never been so easy!

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Gallo Pinto 

Gallo Pinto on a plate with avocado on the side.

This recipe from Costa Rica was probably my favorite recipe to come out of the country! Gallo Pinto is a rice and beans dish from Costa Rica. It’s made with white rice, black beans, some peppers, and then the special ingredient, Lizano.

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Chifrijo in a bowl.

Chifrijo is a very popular dish in Costa Rica. A bed of rice forms the base of the dish (duh, we’ve already learned about Costa Rica’s love for rice), and then kidney beans, pico de gallo, and chicharrones top it off.

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Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding)

Glass bowl of Arroz con Leche.

Arroz con Leche, also known as rice pudding, is a South American dessert made with rice, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and more. This recipe is sweet and delicious and even quick, because this version is made in the Instant Pot! 

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Parmesan Risotto

Parmesan risotto with parsley sprinkles

This parmesan risotto recipe is wonderfully delicious and perfect for an impressive dinner. If you follow my instructions, you will have a spectacularly creamy, delicious, cheesy risotto in no time. 

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Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja paisa with cracked over easy egg

This Bandeja Paisa Colombiana recipe is the national dish of Colombia! If you want to try an array of Colombian flavors in one dish, this recipe is your go to! You’re going to love it. 

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Silpancho with salsa and cracked over easy egg

Silpancho is an incredible Bolivian meal made by combining many ingredients on a platter. It begins with a bed of rice and is topped with a pan-fried burger, salsa, fried potatoes, and an over easy egg.

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Oval dish of machboos with chicken and spice bowls

Machboos is a chicken and rice dish from Bahrain. Its signature flavor is made by combining Baharat seasoning, tomatoes, and loomi (dried lemons/limes) with the rice!

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Dolma (Stuffed Grape Leaves) 

front view of dolma (grape leaves wit yogurt sauce)

Dolma is an Azerbaijani dish made by stuffing grape leaves with lamb meat, rice, onion, and herbs like mint, dill, and cilantro! They are perfect served alone or with a delicious and authentic garlic yogurt dipping sauce. These dolma are almost guaranteed to be a family favorite!

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Kabuli Pulao (Spiced Lamb Pilaf)

Kabuli Pulao in a serving dish.

Kabuli pulao is a traditional meal in Afghanistan, served very often at weddings and for special occasions.

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