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6 Recipes You Can Make with Non-Perishable Ingredients

Sometimes you want dinner on the table without having to leave your house to go grocery shopping. Here are some recipes you can make using non-perishable ingredients that are likely already in your home! Keep these ingredients on hand for a low-energy day, so you can make sure that you always have delicious recipes on hand.

3 Ingredient Pasta Sauce

red sauce

There has never been an easy pasta sauce recipe easier than this pasta sauce– on this you have my word. And what’s better is that just because this pasta sauce is easy doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. The main ingredients are canned tomatoes, an onion, and butter.

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Chickpea Stew 

chickpea stew

The Hummus bi’l-Kammun (Algerian Chickpea Stew with Cumin) was so. darn. easy. to make. The entire process of cooking the soup takes about 20 minutes of your time and very little effort to throw together. The soup takes canned chickpeas, olive oil, and some seasonings. Even the harissa is optional! 

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Honey Butter Crepes

honey butter crepes

These crepes are made with eggs, flour, butter, water, sugar, and honey. This is SUCH a delicious breakfast, and I can’t wait to keep making them as a special Sunday treat!

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Cheesy Risotto 

cheesy risotto

This parmesan risotto recipe is wonderfully delicious and perfect for an impressive dinner. If you follow my instructions, you will have a spectacularly creamy, delicious, cheesy risotto in no time. It’s made with rice, wine, chicken broth, and some cheese.

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Split Pea Soup 

Canadian split pea soup

This split pea soup in an instant pot is a quick, 30-minute meal that is filling and DELICIOUS. Throw all of your ingredients in the Instant Pot and soon enough you’ll have steaming bowls of soup to feed the whole family! To make this recipe, you will need dried split peas, chicken stock, carrots, celery, and an onion. 

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And if You Need Something a Little Sweet…

Bakes from Barbados (like a little, mini elephant ear) 

barbadian bakes

These Barbadian Bakes are made by combining flour, sugar, water, and some spices to make a stiff dough. Fry the dough in oil, and… that’s it. You have an absolutely mouth-watering dessert in under 10 minutes. And a tiny taste of Barbados!

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