Lemon Cheesecake is the perfect, refreshing dessert to enjoy on a nice hot summer day and this no-bake version is easy to put together without heating up the house!

Just eleven simple ingredients are needed to make this craving a reality!

Pulse together the golden oreos together in a food processor until crushed. Then add to a large bowl and mix together with the melted butter.

Add the golden oreo mixture to a springform pan and press into the sides and bottom. Put in the fridge to cool for at least an hour.

In a small bowl, add your fresh lemon juice and gelatin packet, whisk to combine. Set to the side for 5 minutes. Then add your condensed milk to the mixture and whisk again. Set aside.

In a bowl of a stand mixer add your cream cheese and sugar. Mix on high until fully combined. Then add the sour cream, lemon zest, and lemon gelatin mixture. Mix on high until fully combined.

Gently fold your cool whip into your cream cheese mixture until fully combined. Add the lemon cream cheese filling into the Golden Oreo crust. Place the cheesecake into the refrigerator for 5-6 hours and allow it to rest.